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Our Think Pond

You want to know what we think about trends or topics that keep you busy in your daily life? You need inspiration occasionally or would simply like to know what we're currently working on? Each of our employees has the opportunity to add to the blog, so the blog covers a wide range of topics and opinions. Have fun!


          2017 - where are we heading?

          Corporate values would even out the personal views. And clear, public political positioning as a top manager was something most avoided to not alienate business allies with different views. Until 2016. Until Brexit and Trump and the ever-growing camp of fundamentalists of different ilk.

          We don’t want to join in any doomsday scenario song. But we would like to position ourselves in the liberal camp as understood by the “Economist”, 

, because of what we have been believing in and have been promoting and will promote: the human potential to be creative and change, freedom of thought and action dialectically challenged by the normative push of culture, self-reflection and negotiation of differences and collaboration across cultural boundaries.

          There seems less consensus now than during the last twenty years or so that these fields of action create a culture that is desirable—societally and economically. We take this as a challenge to push even harder, in more innovative ways and with even more passion, to maintain the economic and socio-political culture of freedom that has made the economic success of the Western World possible. Maintaining this kind of freedom doesn’t mean for us, however, to cling to the status quo. It means to embrace uncertainty, adaptability, change and collaboration as a life style for both companies, society and individuals. It means that whoever is successful needs to assume more responsibility for other ailing parts of a globalized world. Fortunately, we’re not alone in believing this. It is said, for instance, that McKinsey now asks every CEO that their partners sit together with what he or she does for society. For us, it means that we need to continuously enable each other to embrace uncertainty and change. That’s what we are good at. Not easy. But by now not just an economic but a socio-political imperative.