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Our Think Pond

You want to know what we think about trends or topics that keep you busy in your daily life? You need inspiration occasionally or would simply like to know what we're currently working on? Each of our employees has the opportunity to add to the blog, so the blog covers a wide range of topics and opinions. Have fun!


          Women in leadership - Why us?

          Women in leadership - this is a topic that has occupied all the women at Semler Company for a long time. We have held disciplinary and functional management in large corporate structures. We have managed medium-sized businesses and our own companies. We have given workshops and seminars on leadership. And we've been thinking a lot about what happened to us in all these roles.

          It is clear that leadership and management come in various guises, in which disciplinary management is the most sharply defined leadership role. Functional leadership as a project or program manager and consultant is at least as challenging in our experience.

          Our workshop series "Women in Leadership" is aimed at women who are active in all these leadership and management roles or who are about to make a career move in that direction.

          Another question has kept us busy: Do women lead differently? Women and currently a number of media reports like to claim "yes!" What exactly the difference is, can usually not be named without accessing some tattered formulas like "more empathetic". And how the difference can be defined, controlled and successfully used, is also not very clear. That is why at Semler Company, we have designed a workshop series that gives women in leadership the means to develop their own leadership style iteratively and to strategically navigate their own male dominated environment. This can only be achieved, in our opinion, with feedback from women AND men. Our workshop series distinguishes itself from many others by the fact that the participants are accompanied both by a virtual community and by a "male user group". They receive personal feedback from men who have held roles from consultant to executive board member. 

          Curious? Then please register for our workshop on June 26th/27th. We still have a few tickets left.