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Our Think Pond

You want to know what we think about trends or topics that keep you busy in your daily life? You need inspiration occasionally or would simply like to know what we're currently working on? Each of our employees has the opportunity to add to the blog, so the blog covers a wide range of topics and opinions. Have fun!


          Beautiful, new digital world

          This is how it rings out to us across all channels. The reports and comments teem with new, mostly English terms and abbreviations. Sometimes they are translated with cumbersome German terms. And the painted scenarios vary between "everything will be much better" and "if you do not participate, then you have a real problem!" But why is it that, for example, German Telekom terminates contracts of over 20,000 customers because these customers have ignored the letters Telekom sent out to them regarding VoIP (Voice over IP) conversion? The reason is hardly a language barrier. Here is another number that sends the tec lovers among us reeling: 73% of Germans do not know what a Fintech is. Clearly, the gulf between the evangelists of the beautiful new digital world and the rest of the population is huge.

          The attitudes of many towards things “digital” oscillate between ignorance and denial, cautious interest and quick retreat, feeling overwhelmed and fear. Fear of being exposed and feeling like a beginner, although you have lived a whole life and are capable of accomplishing many things. Fear of not performing well enough, even if you really try to understand and apply the new. Fear of being marginalized and alienated. And even those who want to edge closer to the new world will find mainly online offers to educate themselves, which in turn show how large the gap still is. It is hard not to feel inferior in the beautiful new digital world.

          That's why we founded The Campus:

          A place where people can get acquainted with digital topics such as artificial intelligence, data science, or tecmarketing - just to name a few – in an old-fashioned "offline" way.  A place where people can reflect on the impact of those topics on their own work, mediated and supported by people who make it their task to be translators of the new.

          A place where people can think about their abilities and define for themselves, how, and not if, their abilities fit into the new digital world.

          A place where "beginners" and "experts" can feel at home and learn.

          Of course, we take ourselves as guinea pigs and apply the working methods of the beautiful, new digital world to ourselves: agile ways of working, customer journeys, Design Thinking, prototyping, use cases. And whoever feels lost: We will also offer workshops that will give you an overview of all these methods.

          Follow us on our journey via Facebook, LinkedIn or Xing. And whoever has become curious - please call or write us an email.