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How IT can add value to companies

IT is often perceived as an annoying side effect. You need it these days to keep your business processes running smoothly, but only few managers spend their time thinking about how to improve it.

What is completely overlooked, however, is the added value IT can bring to the business. A well thought out and adapted IT strategy makes it easier to pursue and implement the corporate strategy.

Jeanne Ross, Director of the MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR), has defined four levels of "IT Architecture Maturity" that describe how IT is used and perceived.
In the first stage, the different divisions of the company still operate in silos, which offers great local flexibility but also involves many different systems and difficult IT maintenance.
In the second stage, a common IT system is created.
During the third stage of Architecture Maturity, data and processes are standardized. At this stage, global flexibility is greatest, but there is little local freedom.
In the "Modular Architecture Stage", the fourth and last stage in the model, more local flexibility is created again through a "plug-and-play" solution on the IT side. Due to modularity, individual parts can be easily exchanged, reused and improved.

The model offers the possibility not only to analyze the current IT status, but also to provide orientation for the further development of IT.

If you are looking for support in the implementation of e.g. an ERP system, as well as in further transformation processes, we are pleased to be the partner by your side.