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What the hell is deep learning?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently attracted a lot of attention and has become a hot topic of conversation. But why? Artificial intelligence has been used since the 90s and is therefore not as new as many assume. But what is new and what has also given AI a boost are the large amounts of labeled data that are available nowadays. The field of Deep Learning has also evolved considerably.

Deep learning is a part of machine learning that is able to solve complex problems with large amounts of data. At the same time, this means that a larger amount of data is needed to arrive at a meaningful application or solution compared to working with supervised machine learning.

What makes Deep Learning so special are the deep neural networks, i.e. algorithms, that are designed to recognize patterns and correlations. It is thus able to recognize more complex, more profound correlations and mechanisms. For example, it can not only forecast how many customers will come to the store, but also what will be bought at what time and to what extent the weather and the time of year have an influence on purchasing behavior. You want to know more about artificial intelligence? Then visit our workshop!