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Why politicians are the new celebrities of the tec scene

Marc Zuckerburg, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are considered the inventors of the new digital world as we know it. While they were celebrated like stars at peak times, this year's South by Southwest, the meeting place for all tech enthusiasts, presents a very different picture.

The visitors are less interested in learning about the innovations of Facebook and co, but rather wanted to know about planned regulations for the internet giants. Mistrust is growing towards this market, which has hardly been regulated to date. It has been criticized, for example, that there are hardly any reactions to massive shitstorms or that social media makes it easy to contact drug dealers. This time the celebrated stars were the politicians who argued for more data protection and security on the Internet.

With this change, one wonders whether there will be a similar course in the regulation of artificial intelligence. So far, this area has received little attention from politicians, but it is more than questionable whether politicians will be able to afford this passive attitude in the future.