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Agile transformations are a marathon

New Year - New Me. At the beginning of a new year, we all want to improve and optimize ourselves, that is, do more sports, eat healthier or work more efficiently. Change is often not that difficult at the beginning, thanks to great motivation and intentions. Incorporating change continually into one's life turns out to be a bigger challenge, i.e. doing sports even a few months later and choosing fruits instead of cake. The same is true for change management in companies.

Encouraging change is only the first step. Implementing change sustainably means making many small, additional steps.

Following the introduction of agile methods, an international bank had achieved a work efficiency increase of 31% after two years. At the beginning, 79% of the projects were successful, but after two years only 44% of the projects showed results above average. One of the main reasons for this result was a decline in management support and a lack of focus. Projects that had continuous management attention for several years showed higher success rates. Only if employees feel that their projects are important for their management, they remain motivated to do the many additional steps. Change can then be implemented sustainably.