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Changing Change Management

Embracing change involves many different aspects: courage to take the troublesome path, overcome resistance from others and continuous work so that change is implemented sustainably. Big business changes are usually complex and lengthy and more often than not they fail. However, there are various measures to increase the probability of success of the change program.

Timely feedback gives employees the opportunity to reflect and adjust their own behavior. This gives them the chance to observe how their changed behavior has a positive effect on the overall goal, which in turn increases the motivation of the workforce.

It is still important to inform employees regularly about the status of the transformation. The helmsman usually sees the land before the rest of the crew. Accordingly, it is important to inform the crew when land is in sight, meaning when first successes are visible.

Thereby you encourage employees to continue even during difficult phases of the change process and you overcome resistance within the company. Of course, all of this is also true for agile transformation and a change to agile leadership.