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Trust as a Secret Ingredient for a Successful Company  

Who do you trust? You are probably now thinking of a handful people from your inner circle such as family and close friends. But do you trust your boss? Or your government?  

Trust is becoming an increasingly complex skill that is, at the same time, more and more important. But how do I manage to earn the trust of colleagues, employees and stakeholders?  

In order to build trust, the first step is to recognize what is important for the other person. If you know and understand the other person's perspective and concerns, you can respond to them and gain trust. What may seem obvious becomes exponentially more complex when different stakeholders from different nations join in. Depending on cultural background, status and past experiences, expectations vary greatly.  

With this in mind, it is important that the messages remain consistent. No one will trust anyone who changes their strategy every other day. Therefore, if something changes, it should be made transparent, even if this feels uncomfortable. What’s true for any good relationship, also holds for scaled contexts: If it is clear to everyone why a course correction has taken place, it is easier to still be trustful.  

And trust pays off! Increased motivation, more initiative and greater corporate loyalty are just a few of the effects of trust. 

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