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Germany companies invest more in IT – Is that enough?

We frequently report on how Germany is showing a certain stubborn ignorance when it comes to digital change and necessary steps that need to be taken. This makes it all the more pleasing that almost every second large company is increasing its IT spending to promote the expansion of digitization and to promote greater agility and flexibility. This is an important step, especially when you recall last week's post, where we described how IT can add value to a company.

IT investments are also being used to implement better data infrastructures and thus have better decision bases and models. However, it is important to note that digitization, agility or data-based decision making are not just IT issues. Of course, IT has to provide certain basics but in order to prepare a company for digital change, all employees need to be educated and trained. We will be happy to support you if you need to make yourself or your employees for digital transformation.