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Artificial Intelligence is more than just technology

"For AI implementation to be successful, we just need to introduce more AI to our company." A new study by Microsoft shows that this statement is simply wrong. To successfully deploy AI, companies need to focus primarily on upskilling employees.

The clear majority of executives (93.8%) at leading AI companies state that they actively develop employees or are developing plans to do so. The focus is not only on technological skills, but also communication, negotiation and leadership skills. These competencies are crucial to exploit the full potential of AI. The greatest benefits of AI are not achieved by automating existing processes, but when humans and machines work together. A professional chess player combined with a chess computer are better than either one on their own. AI does not replace humans but enhances their capabilities.

At Semler Company, our focus is on the competencies and culture you need to successfully implement AI - from identifying use cases to ethical decision-making. Contact us!