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Digital enterprises and IT - no monogamous relationship

A digital company - constantly discussed and yet often misunderstood. For many it still means a pure change in the IT area of the company. But how can the technology unfold its full effect if the people who work with it and that are mostly not the IT people, are not at the same level? Not only become machines more intelligent, but everyone who deals with them will have to also develop. That is why it is not only the IT department is in charge when it comes to digital transformation. But how do we create a company in which this is possible?

We have already reported on how important it is to have a well-formulated IT strategy that supports and complements the corporate strategy. The strategy gives the employees orientation and knows where the future will lead.

But an IT strategy alone is not enough to transform a company. The management style must also change. The employee must be given more competencies, decision-making freedom and opportunities. Hierarchical structures are counterproductive when it comes to innovation and further development. At the same time, the employee must be able to deal with this responsibility.

So there are many changes needed in order for the transformation to succeed. Structures have to change, managers have to learn new forms of leadership and employees have to actively shape changes. Semler Company supports companies, teams and individuals on this journey. Take a look: