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Evaluating new technology? Know your bias!

Unconscious biases most often refer to interpersonal biases, thoughts and concepts we have about other people. However, our biases do not stop there: we are led by a multitude of biases every day. Even when evaluating new technologies, we are partial.

One common bias is to always favor new technologies over older ones, just because they are newer and therefore assumed to be automatically better. Or, to favor a technology just because it is recommended by an expert without any due diligence. These biases lead to large investments and equally large losses.

But how can we avoid these biases? One saying that also holds true for interpersonal biases is to “never judge a book by its cover”. Do not be blinded by the flashy look of a new technology but focus on the functionality, actual performance and practical relevance. And do not think that we do not fall into the same traps. That is why we repeatedly try new functions, switch back to older ones and experiment what works best for us and our clients.