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Why our world is quickly becoming big again

Do you know the novel "The Swarm" by Frank Schätzing? This novel describes how among other disasters, the undersea cables between Europe and the USA are destroyed by landslides, which set back international communication by 30 years. Our small networked world became very big again. Even though the novel is set in a science fiction world, the possibility of this catastrophe is real.

Did you know that most of most of our internet infrastructure is below sea level? The rule of thumb is that the deeper the cable, the better. Accordingly, laying cables is extremely difficult, tedious and costly.
Only if there is something wrong with the cables, we realize that they exist and how dependent we are on them. In two thirds of cases human beings cause the damage. Fishing nets, trawls and anchors regularly tamper with the functionality of the cables. But in several cases, targeted attacks have also been suspected either to intercept information or to cause damage to specific countries.

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