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If you want to be more innovative, raise your hand!

Everybody wants more innovative solutions and more innovative companies. Departments or entities specially designed for this purpose are now common in large and medium-sized companies. Nevertheless, many companies find it difficult to generate new ideas and above all to implement them in the long run.

A study published in HBR identifies the biggest challenges when implementing innovation. The largest obstacle, named by 55% of 270 corporate leaders, are turf wars, politics and a lack of alignment. Particularly innovations that affect several business units, cause fears such as loss of power and control and cause thus resistance to innovation. The second most common reason for the failure of innovation is closely related to the previous one: corporate culture. 

Older employees, in particular, are often sceptical about innovation because they remember the failed attempts of the past all too well. They are reluctant to leave the status quo behind. Especially if the core business is successful, many employees do not see the necessity for further development and innovation. A dangerous fallacy, because how can a company be successful in the future if it is not preparing for it today? That is why it is not enough just to raise your hand if you want to be a more innovative company; you also have to work hard to achieve that goal.