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Why discussing work-life-balance is wrong

Merging personal with professional life is a prevailing state for employees. Digital change, mobile applications as internal communication tools and unlimited reachability make it unfeasible to disconnect work from private life.    

In fact, due to agility and speed in companies, separation is not the goal for neither companies nor employees, but they should strive for work-life-blending. At first glance work-life-blending seems like the updated version of work-life-balance. But instead of trying to balance the two aspects of your life the goal is to integrate the one into the other. So, structuring the day for instance, to meet personal needs. Or not having a maximum of vacation days but choosing independently how much vacation to take during the year. This gives employees more flexibility and freedom which in turn increases employee satisfaction and loyalty. Important to remember is that work-life-blending does not mean more freedom to just work more but more freedom to meet personal and professional needs at the same time.