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Why well-being is more important than ever

Are you still feeling relaxed after your winter holidays? Or has stress caught up with you again? In the US alone, work-related stress costs nearly $190 billion and 120,000 deaths each year. One thing companies have to realize is that burnout and general well-being is not an individual issue but something that originates from within the company. Or: if a canary stops singing in a coal mine due to toxic gases, it has nothing to do with the bird but with the environment it is in.

The UAE has taken a step in the right direction by establishing the “Well-being Council”. This council aims to help companies to introduce more initiatives that create a friendly environment, e.g. flexible hours, regular mental health counselling sessions and healthier food at the cafeteria. The target is increased employee satisfaction and lower turnover. Also note that the focus is on well-being not just health. An interesting shift in perspective.