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Corporate strategies that lead to success

Which strategies and tactics enable the position as world market leader? Answering this question, a study by Staufen AG is dedicated to. The results of the study reflect our own believes, which show the undeniable importance of innovation capability and corporate culture.    

Out of 200 companies surveyed, with above-average returns in the market, 75% stated that corporate culture plays an important role in their success. 90% see the innovation strategy and capability as being majorly responsible for their financial profits.

In both areas, big changes have taken place. Only every fourth above-average company manages their organization according to the "command and control" principle. The majority sees executives as mentors and supporters to employees.

In the field of innovation, there is still a need for further development. Many of the successful companies are frustrated with their long work processes and development times.

This study shows exactly that rethinking and -structuring pays off financially. At the same time, it also becomes clear that things still have to change and develop to guarantee the long-term success of a company.