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"No one will need human resource development in five years anymore if it remains the same."

This statement made by Christian Böhler, a personnel developer, illustrates one of the biggest problems HRD is facing today. Böhler claims that instead of being part of the solution, HRD is part of the problem: employees are not prepared for digital transformation yet.

Changing environments, different customer needs, and new competitive landscapes call for new ways of thinking. Today, knowledge becomes obsolete faster than ever before. Therefore, it is not enough to teach theoretical knowledge; employees also need the right skills and mindset. HRD is no longer about training, but about developing employee competencies.

Digitalization cannot be successfully faced with incremental changes. Rather than learning success employees need learning opportunities. They require the freedom to experiment and to gain new experiences. This approach enables employees to not just understand the theory but to implement practical knowledge into their daily work.