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Leadership and the VUCA World - A question of agility

How can I as a leader safely lead through this world full of uncertainties, rapid changes and ambiguities?

The first step is to accept that as a manager you cannot control everything, just as you don't know all the answers and sometimes you can't even be sure whether you're asking the right questions at all. Accepting human fallacy is necessary if you want to survive in the VUCA world.

In order to keep up with the increased speed, managers must learn to lead flexibly and in agile way. Note that there is not only one kind of agility, but different situations require different forms of agility.

A good manager must be able to recognize patterns and connections in order to act flexibly to them. At the same time, she must be able to evaluate herself and possibly change some of her own behaviours. Self-reflexion and adaptation are crucial competencies for success in the VUCA world.