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The right environment for agile transformation

Every company wants to work more flexibly and more efficiently. Agile leadership and working methods promise to achieve that. However, working agile is easier said than done and implementing more agility is a challenge. What course must be set for more agility to be permanently implemented at a company?

 In a transformation that is primarily aimed at changing the behaviour of employees and managers, the focus must not only be on management but also on employees. Managers have to learn shared leadership and abandon more hierarchical management styles. Employees, on the other hand, must learn to deal with this responsibility. Responsibility gives freedom, but it can also paralyze.

It is important to enable employees and managers with the skills they need to successfully deal with more (self)responsibility on different levels. This includes various social skills such as communication, problem-solving or conflict resolution but also agile working methods. Apart from the respective skill sets, the right mind set as well as creating the right organizational structure is central to an agile transformation.

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