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Where are the female founders in Germany?

You know a female founder? Congratulations, you know a rarity in the German economy. Only about 4% of start-ups in Germany are founded by women. A study by BCG with more than 15,000 German, French and British start-ups surveyed concludes that at the current rate of change, parity of female and male founders will be reached in 2139.

Even a mixed team of start-up founders is rare. Only 10% of German start-ups are founded by men and women together. This is a big mistake when taking into account further studies from this field. The study that we mentioned last time we posted shows that a higher number of female managers has a positive effect on the financial performance of the company. Start-ups (co)founded by women achieve a 10% higher cumulative income over five years.

But why receive female or mixed start-ups not more support? One aspect is the lack of funding. In a third funding round, women have a 90% worse chance of receiving funding than men. With that Germany and the world waive a huge profit: the global economy could grow by five trillion dollars if women and men were to participate equally in the economy.