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How Germany prepares for the digitalization

Digitization is one of the three most important topics of the near future for half of all major German companies and 33% of all German companies have set up their own unit for this purpose. What sounds as if Germany is preparing for the future only shows how ignorant German economy still is in terms of digitization. Digitalization is changing the economy at a rapid pace and across industries, but only half of German large enterprises see it as one of their top priorities?

But why is Germany having such a hard time with digitization? In a study by Capgemini Consulting, 72% of German respondents stated that corporate culture is one of the biggest barriers to becoming a digital enterprise.

It is therefore not enough to introduce a few agile methods in order to be prepared for digitization. Having a holistic view of company culture and developing an agile mind set so that the entire company can work faster, result-oriented and cost-efficient in times of digitization is key to success.