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Agile mind-set - What an agile company needs

Everyone wants more agility. But does agile work have an actual advantage over classic working methods? Here are some facts:

  • Agile companies achieve up to five times higher margins and stronger growth than their competitors
  • 94% of companies see agility and cooperation as key success factors
  • However, only 6% of companies work truly agile

The numbers emphasize the importance of agile work and leadership. This includes an attitude and a specific mind-set as well as concrete working methods. Let's focus on the mind-set.

Already small changes, such as letting employees choose where they want to work can increase productivity. Ctrip employees, for instance, were 13% more productive once they had to be in the office only once per week, working from home for the remainder of the week. Employees have then more energy to focus on things that really benefit the business. Just as an example I wrote this post while I was waiting for the farrier for the horses.

An agile organisational mindset, however, means more than just choosing your workplace independently.