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Maker Movement

We, both as humans and as professionals, tend to celebrate innovation and creativity. We crave them for our own businesses, we want to be the next Elon Musk or turn our company into the next Google. But is that even possible? According to the “Maker Movement” – it is. And here is how.

The maker movement is an environment, a cultural phenomenon that emphasizes creativity and tones down criticism. At the core of it are shared experimentation, iterative learning, and discovery through connected communities. Like fertile soil that produces ripe and plentiful fruit, the right culture and environment can produce innovation both for individuals and within a company. One way to create such an environment is by helping people to find and embrace their own "creator identity", fostering connections and interactions among creators, allowing for interdisciplinary fluidity and, of course, celebrating novelty. At Semler Company we sometimes witness companies and top management who aim at becoming more innovative, while simultaneously—and often unconsciously--stifling any attempt at creativity by their employees. It is then our task to help them understand that innovation is not the holy grail, but a mindset, a state of being and experiencing the world. And that it is possible to create the right environment and culture where new thinking flows freely and innovation thrives.