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The tools of a manager of tomorrow

"The world around us has changed fundamentally, but the so-called job specification for top executives and supervisory boards have de facto not, or only on paper."
Stephanie Schorp in an interview with the ManagerMagazin

Our world is VUCA. Meaning, we all are subject to constant change, uncertainty and complexity. Why stay the requirements for our executives the same?

Classic leadership skills, such as assertiveness and motivation, are still important characteristics but no longer enough to be a good leader. Integrity, empowerment and empathy have become essential to keep up with the pace of our times.

Equally important: the ability to transfer responsibility and also to think self-critically about one’s own limits and possibilities to become better.
Fast-moving times challenge us with more complex problems. To solve these as efficiently as possible managers must be able to hand over responsibility und trust employees.
These are some aspects of agile leadership, a leadership style that provides an answer to complex, digital times.