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What you need to work agile

Recently, we wrote about what an agile mind set includes. But to establish a truly agile organization more than just the mind set of employees has to change. Only by creating the right organizational structures and with agile leadership can an agile work environment develop.

Agility is the opposite approach to simply following a plan, but this does not mean that there is a lack of planning. To the contrary, agile ways of working rely on disciplined processes to be able to concentrate on content. The role of leaders and manager changes too. Management and leadership are distributed across self-organized teams themselves, new roles and management that now has to develop into people management. The new people managers still need to provide guidance and decide at junctions whether to follow the pre-determined course. But they also need to excel at staffing, performance and competency management and people development.  

Leaders and managers have to overcome their fear of losing their old realm of power to truly enable agile working—and they need to learn new stuff.