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      Collaboration is key

      Of course, we're not good at everything. For that reason, we have a network of carefully selected partners who are excellent specialists in their respective fields. If necessary, we ask them to be subject matter experts on our projects or do projects together to tailor the best solution for your needs.

          "Things do not change; we change."
          Henry David Thoreau

              Semler Company & Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr

              Sustainable digital transformation

              TLGG was among the first to drive digital transformation in Germany and now belongs to the leading agencies doing advisory on digital business. TLGG combines profound knowledge of digital business models with the necessary technology and communications know-how for their implementation. They love what they do, are fast-paced and fun. We are very happy to have TLGG on board as a top partner for all the challenges regarding digital transformation. 

                Semler Company & Change Centre

                Thought leadership on a sound, scientific basis

                Joachim Klewes has been a long-standing and highly valued friend whose sensitivity, experience in communications, continuous thirst for new challenges and his professionalism have set him apart. With his companies Change Centre consulting and Foundation he has belonged to those who have developed an advisory approach that holds up to scientific standards and measurability. We are very happy to count Change Centre among our partners to drive thought leadership in the field of transformation.