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      The right mix

      People are the essential ingredient for successful transformations—for the smallest and the really big ones. For people and organisations to engage in a process in which they change their ways visibly and palpably, there has to be a convincing setting. This setting is a space where people can become active and assume responsibility for their actions. Our role is to support you in providing this space, holding up its energy and thereby lead your transformation to success.

       Our team consists of experienced experts with consulting and industry background and “young savages” who protects us from complacency. If necessary, we collaborate with selected specialised partners to best support you in developing your potential. 

          "Things do not change; we change."
          Henry David Thoreau

              Theresa Semler

              „To change continuously, to shape change and to support people and organisations in finding their own path of transformation—that’s what I conceive of as fulfilling human potential and as supporting growth.”

                Johannes Herzog

                "All large transformations require attentive preparation. Uncovering deep-set causes is key to be able to set effective incentives for the future. The success of every transformation process greatly depends on the insight of people affected. Therefore, the design of such holistic concepts with a long-term vision is, for me personally what makes it so appealing."

                          Jan Stephan Hillebrand

                          "In my view, successful communication always needs a holistic concept wherein every part of a communication space is thought through and taken into account—just like in a theatre production. I translate the interaction between what happens on stage and the auditorium into the business context and its virtual and real sphere of experience."

                            Lena Carlota Stenger

                            "Change is my passion. I share curiosity, conviction and the joy to continuously develop myself with my clients, i.e. people working in large organisations who like to be actively involved in creating change."

                                  Mareike Jekat

                                  "Agile ways of working and agile leadership are not a one-size-fits-all solution. My ambition is to make these terms tangible and to identify suitable fields of application together with our customers to enable optimal use of agile methods."

                                        Pauline Millaard

                                        "Ongoing technological developments demand change and transformation in society. This is nothing new. However, speed and scope of change has increased. Businesses are challenged in many different aspects. Staying on top of and taking on these challenges, turning them into opportunities and growth, whether personal or business, is my every day driver."

                                                  Marian Misch

                                                  "I am particularly fascinated by aspects of digitization that give us the opportunity to experience and shape what was still deemed fiction a few years ago.

                                                  If we act responsibly and thoughtful we can succeed in effectively changing our living and working realities for the better. That’s what I would like to contribute to together with you.”  

                                                    Brigitte Lippmann

                                                    "Change is ubiquitous – so let’s be -at least- ambidextrous."