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Jan Stephan Hillebrand

Jan Stephan Hillebrand is partner at Semler Company and takes care of communication events. He is passionate about designing and curating unique client experiences. While studying law and the arts, he founded a theatre production company but soon realised that he was as interested in the business world and did not want to settle for just one of the two. As event and communications consultant for global firms he has been marrying both worlds for more than 20 years. 

His strength lies in bringing together experts and artists with widely different talents and to channel their capabilities in such a way that his clients are enthusiastic about the end product. He has staged more than 250 business and art events, directed more than 100 theatre productions and has written, designed and produced more than 50 screen plays. 

He and his international team always aim for the seemingly impossible and find creative and efficient solutions for a unique experience that clients will love to remember.