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Johannes Herzog

Johannes Herzog has started working with Semler & Company in 2017.

As an expert in the area of digital transformation, his focus is on the development of business field strategies, multichannel strategies and organizational questions.

Through his many years of experience in the business development of multinational companies, he is proficient in identifying untapped potentials through structured procedures and translating them into effective measures and visible successes. In the case of complex challenges, he always keeps an eye on the actual goal, and systematically conceives major topics on the basis of analytical findings.

Johannes has been active for many years in predominantly international consulting companies.

In the strategy consultancy, eccelerate, he successfully advised companies in the service sector, as well as manufacturers and retailers in the consumer goods sector in performing in a digital environment.

In his previous position, Johannes was responsible for Business Development and Marketing at Allen & Overy LLP in the real estate and energy sector.

Prior to that, he worked at Deloitte, where he led a team for the development of national industry orientation and key account management, and launched numerous special projects with a reporting line to the management group, including innovation management and global initiatives.

Johannes studied business administration and spent a lot of time in San Francisco during his studies. After an international semester at San Francisco State University, he got an offer to take over the management of a cork producer in the Napa Valley on an interim basis. An easy decision.

He received the European Pricing Master Thesis Award in 2008 for his diploma thesis on Dynamic Pricing.

Further education:

  • Stanford University Design Thinking Action Lab
  • Effective Negotiating - Karrass Program

He likes to spend his spare time on the water, enjoying catamaran sailing. In winter, however, there is nothing better for him than to feel fresh powder under his skis.

In his next life: architect for intelligent living spaces in historical covers or heli-ski guide in Canada.