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Marian Misch

Marian Misch joined Semler Company at the beginning of 2018. Apart from supporting Semler Company in all IT matters, he is a key driver for digital topics at our Semler Company Campus and especially active in designing and facilitating our day-long trial courses.

He has supported SMEs and public organizations as an IT consultant for several years. Even though he advises on a broad range of IT challenges, ranging from architecture to implementation and system administration, he is particularly focused on IT security and the implementation of user-friendly and low-maintenance programmes. His passion is to empower people to navigate the digital world.

Marian is passionate about making this world a better place. He initiates conversations, brings people together and facilitates changes of perspectives, especially in the conflict regions of the Middle East. He is also a member of the Social Democratic Party in Germany and has found a way to align his political interest with his passion for IT. Among other things, he has designed and significantly shaped digital campaigns for his party and its candidates.

Due to his great interest in the Middle East, he pursues Near Eastern Studies and Physics at the LMU Munich. In his free time, Marian enjoys fishing and relaxing in nature, even when no fish bite.