Dr. Theresa Semler

Dr. Theresa Semler founded Semler Company after having worked both for different management consultancies and as a line manager in the financial services industry because she believes that successful business transformation needs both an inside and an outside view.

Her own life story is one of continuous change. Major stations have been:

  • Line manager at an international bank, heading the internal change management consulting unit
  • Management consultant and top management coach in the IT, automotive, life science and financial services industries
  • PhD at University of Chicago in Comparative Literature
  • Owner and managing director of a training business in the USA, Israel and Germany
  • Public speaker at various events 

Theresa Semler excels at quickly analysing cases of change and identifying key success factors by listening closely to what people have to say. Having lived and worked in a number of different countries, she has the necessary sensitivity to multi-cultural contexts and a wide horizon with respect to what is possible. Her fresh and unconventional views, her clear intuition for the dynamics of transformation processes and her healthy pragmatism make her a valued sparring partner for top management.

Together with her team and her clients she loves to design and execute best-in-class, innovative and bespoke solutions—and to continuously challenge the results.