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Learning as a strategic skill in the digital world 

In our view, continuous learning is one of the key factors to master your future successfully. Especially in a digital world, we need extended and more profound knowledge as well as new skills and competencies. 
We offer a modular training and workshop platform for developing skills in the digital age, which we tailor to our client’s needs and digital maturity. 

We are convinced that to learn something needs powerful experiences. Only experiences that touch us emotionally and that we repeatedly reflect on are sustainable learning experiences. You will meet seasoned coaches, consultants and trainers with a rich and innovative set of methods who know what they are talking about because they are continuous learners themselves and operate with a beginner's mind.

            The kind of learning experiences we aim for usually happen when we open up to other people and create a space for self-reflection. To use this space efficiently we also offer modules, such as user groups, learning journeys or peer coaching, additionally to a more "classical" workshop or training approach. You will be fit for an agile world by using these methods also in your daily business life. 

            Enjoy exploring our knowledge camps!

              “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.”
              Albert Einstein

              Our Knowledge Camps

              We are looking forward to welcoming you at our venue "Hofgut Wickstadt" located in the Rhein-Main-area. The historic site is an ideal location to accelerate your learning and development journey. Surrounded by nature, its quiet beauty and serenity helps to gain the necessary distance from everyday routine and provides the space needed for thought, reflection and creativity.