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Digital Professional Programme

In our view, continuous learning is one of the key factors to master your future successfully. Especially in a digital world, we need extended and more profound knowledge as well as new skills and competencies. 
We offer a modular training and workshop platform for developing skills in the digital age, which we tailor to our client’s needs and digital maturity. 

We are convinced that to learn something needs powerful experiences. Only experiences that touch us emotionally and that we repeatedly reflect on are sustainable learning experiences. In our Knowledge Camps, you will meet seasoned coaches, consultants and trainers with a rich and innovative set of methods who know what they are talking about because they are continuous learners themselves and operate with a beginner's mind.

These are our Knowledge Camps: 

Digital Strategy

  • The digital evolution of businesses has arrived, and no industry is immune to its impact. What does a digital winner do differently?
    • Relevant trends such as Big Data, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and their added value
    • Digital customer networks and behaviour, competition and cooperation, asymmetrical competition
    • Platform business and new forms of competition and cooperation
    • Practical examples of successful strategies
    • Development of your future value proposition by means of a Value Proposition Canvas

Digital Business Model

  • How can you analyse digital business potential in your company and which digital business model suits you to strengthen your position in a changing market?
    • Importance of digitalisation for your business model
    • Definition of a digital business model
    • Cannibalisation, ecosystems, adaption and disruption explained
    • Digital services and products as the focal point of your business model
    • Building a prototype of your digital business model by means of a Business Model Canvas

Implementation and Transformation

  • Change must be profitable. Learn how a corporate transformation can be sustainably and effectively managed.
    • Establishing the right ecosystem, platforms and interfaces for collaboration
    • Leadership and end2end mindset
    • Needs of stakeholders within the digital transformation
    • New skills and performance management
    • Fitting organisational design in the Digital Age and agility in the company
    • Performance management: Which KPIs support the digital vision?

Digital Culture

  • Success factor company culture: Agile, digital, successful. How can the cultural change succeed?
    • Levers and success factors for the development of a digital culture
    • Agile mindset and leadership
    • Social skills for the future
    • Creating networks successfully
    • Shaping the cultural transformation

Digital Marketing

  • How do innovative companies use digital marketing technologies to disrupt traditional industries? In our Knowledge Camp you will learn the essentials for your successful digital marketing.
    • Digital Marketing explained (search, social media, display, offline, etc.)
    • Multi-channel strategies and their connection to data
    • Defining and automating customer journeys
    • Customer acquisition vs. customer retention management
    • User experience and design: Thinking from the customer's point of view
    • Measuring campaigns and channels: Appropriate KPI sets, new technologies and attribution models

Digital Sales

  • The itinerary for your success in e-commerce. How has digitalisation changed the sales landscape and how can we as a company position ourselves successfully?
    • Current trends and strategies in e-commerce
    • Success factors for user guidance and customer retention
    • Digital products, development of a platform and success factors: On which level of the digitalisation process is your company positioned right now?
    • Creating a prototype of your e-commerce model
    • Possibilities of performance measurement (KPIs / web analysis)

Digital Security & Compliance

  • For everyone who wants to protect him- or herself and the company against digital dangers and risks as well as understand current topics of IT security.
    • Detailed security analysis on three levels: Physical, IT and human
    • The most effective security measures on each level and their implementation
    • What you should know about compliance and security guidelines
    • Acquire effective preventive measures and learn about the “Plan-Do-Check-Act”-Approach for digital security
    • How to deal with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Ethics in the Digital Age 

  • Big Data opens a variety of possibilities! But what is at stake for the customer and why are modern corporate ethics indispensable?
    • Corporate Social Responsibility and ethics in a company
    • Change of ethical issues in the Digital Age: Should a robot be given rights? Who assumes the responsibility for Artificial Intelligence?
    • Company strategies and Big Data applications in the context of change
    • Examples of ethical corporate management

Methodically, we follow a Blended Learning Approach. In our experience, it’s near impossible to overcome the obstacles of the digital world by having more and more of the digital “thrown at you”. That’s why our Knowledge Camps are “traditional” face-to-face-seminars, which are complemented by online materials and selected digital tools for collaboration.

If you, as a company, would like to create a complete program, please contact us. We are happy to develop a Digital Professional Program that suits your company.

You are interested in visiting a workshop of our digital professional programme? Then just write an E-Mail to: and we will arrange the details!