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"Working Well in the Digital Age"

Semler Company Campus is our training and development platform. We offer training on knowledge and skills needed in the Digital Age for employees of large and small companies as well as everyone else interested.

Learning is a strategic skill and we are convinced that teaching facts is not enough. In our Knowledge Camps we teach you expert knowledge as well as methodical tools and necessary soft skills. Thus, everything you need in order to work well in the Digital Age.

          Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.
          Albert Einstein


          You are interested in visiting our workshops? Then just write an E-Mail to: and we will contact you!

                  SEMLER COMPANY CAMPUS

                  What sets us apart


                          Scattergun approach? Not with us. We ask for this in advance with our "Digital Maturity Assessment" either online, for companies in a one-day workshop or in short form for participants of the Knowledge Camps. This is how we determine the status quo of your digital transformation and personalize our offer accordingly.


                              All formats are conducted by experienced trainers and moderators who are also experts in the field and have years of hands-on experience in the industry and consulting.

                                  New Methods

                                  With us, you not only acquire knowledge about the methods of the digital age, but you experience them. Not only do we talk about agility or Design Thinking, but you also try out how it works - on topics that move you.


                                      Quality is important to us. The basis of our courses consists of content from leading global universities in the respective area. Moreover, our Digital Professional Programme is certified by the "Fachhochschule des Mittelstands" (FHM) and we subject ourselves to an external quality assurance of the content and teaching methods  every two years.

                                          SEMLER COMPANY CAMPUS

                                          Who we are 

                                          We are converters between the world of IT and the physical world as we know it. We are mediators and intermediaries, empaths and understanders, challengers and border crossers, masterminds and pioneers. Above all, we are the ones who provide you with the kayak whilst not only ensuring that you are able to steer it through the thunderous waterfalls of the digital age, but also that you thoroughly enjoy the ride! 

                                                Dr. Theresa Semler

                                                Theresa is fascinated by all the opportunities that digitalisation offers. At the same time, she has a lot of sense for the analogue world. She perfectly knows how to live and work between those two poles. 

                                                  Marian Misch

                                                  Marian does a lot of things: Politics, Marketing and campaign management, IT from the operative business to architecture, and much more. This makes him a genuine ambassador of the digital age who loves to share his knowledge on these topics and how to connect them. 

                                                    Johannes Herzog

                                                    Johannes combines expert knowledge on innovation, e-commerce and digital business models with extensive implementation experience and a healthy dose of pragmatism. 

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