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Social Skills

The ones you need more than ever.

Globally dispersed teams, new digital forms of collaboration and communication, robots and unknown possibilities for automation. Due to the exponentially increasing speed of change, the pressure on us, the human being, increases as well. Because nowadays, we need to stay even more connected in order to work together and not fall behind.

That’s why we offer formats to refresh key topics that are important to you and your company in half-day sessions or to deepen competencies in a two-day seminar.

  • Successful Communication
    • (Psychological) foundations of appreciative and purposeful conversation strategies
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Impression on others: External image in the feedback market
    • Confident and convincing demeanour
    • Problem solving dialogue explained and easily realised
  • Manage Innovation and Problem Solving
    • How to successfully focus on customer needs
    • Building prototypes for your own problem statements
    • Understanding and employing Design Thinking
    • Building personas and using them in a costumer journey
  • Agile Leadership
    • Significance of agility for companies
    • Leadership styles for agile environments
    • Mistrust as a “dangerous virus” (complex monitoring, high transaction costs)
    • Find the balance between “work-to-rule” and a free space for creation.
    • Crucial social skills: Feedback, conflict management, stakeholder and ecosystem management
  • Understand and use Group Dynamics
    • Identify and understand group dynamic processes – the systemic perspective
    • Reflect on the outside perception and self-perception of one's behaviour concerning relationships, conflicts and decision-taking
    • Strengthen the expressiveness concerning relationships, roles, emotions and influence
    • Learn how to steer the process the way you want
  • Trust as a Skill
    • From a controlling organisation to an organisation of trust
    • Idea of self-organisation and its chances
    • Ability of a proactive development of the environment as a competitive advantage
    • Enable faster development of organisations through trust
    • Confidence and trust in one's abilities and the abilities of others
  • Methodical trainings and introductions to Scrum and Design Thinking


You are interested in visiting our workshops? Then just write an E-Mail to: and we will arrange the details!