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      Breaking through the "Glass Ceiling"  

      The "glass ceiling" has become an image for describing the palpable but invisible hurdle women face when rising to the top. There is an invisible boundary that is often impossible to cross. This boundary has to do with markedly different cultural perceptions of men and women and male dominance in many professional environments. We will not be able to change that anytime soon. However, we can enable you to navigate a male-dominated world by building upon your individual strengths and developing your own style.

        "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."
        Coco Chanel


        Living up to their full potential  

        Many companies don’t use the female talent pool enough. Research confirms, for instance, that mixed teams with a male-female ratio of 40-60% perform better and are more successful. Yet, the higher female professionals rise the more they feel professionally isolated and the less they feel supported by peers and bosses.
        Often women find themselves in a conundrum: they want to work and want to develop into higher and more powerful positions but lack the support and the feedback both of fellow women and men.We would like to change that with our modular programme. 
        We provide a platform where women are able to build alliances of strength with women. Additionally, in our "male user group" we offer the opportunity to get open and professional feedback from men, thereby enabling women to tackle a still male-dominated ecosystem even more successfully.