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What is 'transformation consulting'?

The complexity of our political, societal and economic environment has increased exponentially in recent years. Companies face large challenges such as digitalisation, highly competitive markets, regulatory pressure or business ethics, to name but a few. 

To remain competitive, businesses need to be flexible and agile to an hitherto unknown degree. 

          Together with you we aim at clearing the way into a strong future that fits your business. 

              However, often a number of people involved in these transformations are overwhelmed by the changeability that is needed from them.
              As transformation consulting partner, Semler Company supports organisations in increasing their changeability with an integrated advisory approach. 
              We combine all necessary consulting capabilities for implementing business transformation with an independent, broad perspective as well as attention to detail. 
              Our team comprises experts from various fields with professional experience both in the industry and in consulting.

                  "In you must burn, what you want to ignite in others."

                  CASES OF CHANGE

                  Business transformation—that‘s where we feel at home

                  Semler Company offers advisory and support for a variety of business transformation scenarios and challenges. You can count on our profound and broad expertise wherever human beings need to make a solid contribution to business success.

                  • (re)definition of a sustainable business purpose
                  • positioning of new leadership
                  • strategy and operating model development and execution
                  • digital transformation and development of new skill sets
                  • development into an agile organisation
                  • development into a high performance organisation
                  • culture change

                    • service culture
                    • compliance culture
                    • organisational core values development
                  • complex business transformation

                    • downsizing and cost reduction
                    • outsourcing
                    • process optimisation
                    • development of new or changed skill sets
                    • growth
                  • organisational system integration

                    • post merger integration
                    • collaboration between departments, business units or companies
                    • outsourcing
                  • reorganisation
                  • leadership (team) enabling

                              WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU

                              Enable new experiences and clear the way for a strong future 

                              Recent research in neurobiology confirms what practitioners in business transformations have long been suspecting: Any kind of change only starts happening with a new experience, something that impresses our mind and touches our heart. This experience can have different faces. It could consist in you fully realising what digitalisation means for your business success, for instance. This experience has to be worked through, cognitively and emotionally, in order for adaptation or learning to take place. The newly acquired knowledge needs to be practised and automatized in order to create space for further new experiences. In this process we combine our values, the things we believe in, our emotions, our knowledge and our perceptions into ever new formations with which we successfully position ourselves—but only for a while. 

                                  Our advisory approach is strongly based on integrated methods that allow for new learning experiences and their “automatization”—be it for the individual, a team or an entire organisation. Many paths lead to success but we believe that there are a few strong levers for a successful transformation process, which we ought to pass by iteratively—goal definition, leadership team alignment, team performance, structures & processes, strategic communications, transparency.

                                  Our tool box is diverse and tested, yet continuously challenged for its innovativeness and usefulness. We use most methods at different stages of the transformation process and combine them creatively to get the desired results. We are also able to enhance most methods digitally. 

                                    What is going to be used in your context depends on what suits you and your business challenge!