Digital Product Launch in the Financial Service Industry


The subsidiary of an international bank is launching a new digital product offering, for which the visibility within the corporation as well as the pressure to succeed was significant

  • The agile project consisted of three streams: An online portal offering product information, a digital product substituting individual solutions for each client with an automated, digital offering for small tickets, an innovative pricing scheme (Pay-per-use)
  • Changes of roles, responsibilities and thinking from the clients‘ point-of-view had to be embraced by the organisation
  • Adding to the complexity was a restructuring, leading to a potential number of 1 mio. additional clients to be served with existing staff

Our Approach

We proposed a participative approach to embed the core skill of changeability within the organization aiming at the:

  • Clear definition of the transformation objective
  • Commitment and motivation of all employees directly involved (appr. 50) as well as other stakeholders
  • Set-up and handover of the project as a blueprint for the larger change and digitalization initiative of the organization

Our main measures included:

  • Conducting and analyzing structured stakeholder interviews to better understand their needs and support the change
  • Choosing and coaching ambassadors to promote the new product from within the organization
  • Moderating a business model canvas workshop with the project team and ambassadors
  • Setting up the change communication by writing a change story, and establishing a communication plan
  • Planning and moderating Business Simulation Workshops in large, mixed groups (60-70 participants per session)


  • A smooth start into the new business with a positive “can do” attitude that has led to unexpectedly good business results in the first quarter
  • Early leadership alignment and board attention made employees feel valued and increased the sense of urgency in a positive way
  • Consistent messages and a unified tone from the top left no room for interpretation
  • As a result, employees accepted that change was happening
  • A lot of useful feedback on tools and processes from employees

Lessons learned

  • A profound and significant change of organizational culture requires new experiences AND iteration
  • Involvement of all employees who play a part in the new processes improves results
  • Coaching management to „let go“ and entrust their employees with more freedom can be just as important as motivating the overall staff for the journey
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