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Harnessing AI Text Technology – ChatGPT in Test
HR & Sustainability – Shaping the ‘S’ of ESG
Why does nothing seem like before?
Why does nothing seem like before?
The equilibrium of stability & growth For decades, companies have relied on a balance between stability and growth: As individuals and as company leaders, we cherished and worked towards a feeling of stability where we saw the grand picture, had a pretty good idea of what was coming in the next ten years, and...
No digital transformation without digitality
The more digital society and economy become, the more the focus shifts to human interaction with the virtual world. Technical issues are gradually taking a step back. People cease to be mere users and become an integral part of a digitalized system. Digitalization becomes digitality (The Digital Condition, Felix Stalder, Polity, 2017). The term...
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HR & Sustainability – Shaping the ‘S’ of ESG
Intro Our newsletter is focused on company building for the future, and one area where we can effect immense change is HR and ESG. When we consider ESG, we often concentrate on the E – Environment, and the G – Governance, and yet particularly in HR, the S – Social, is the space where...
Diversity is not just nice to have, it is a relevant business factor
Today we celebrate the 9th German Diversity Day (May 18th, 2021). It is an initiative of the Association Charta der Vielfalt e.V. and brings awareness to the concept of diverse teams and Diversity Management in the working world. And why is this so important? Because diversity is not just a ‘nice to have’! Next...
New Work - Is lateral leadership an answer to the issue of accountability?
One of the most popular New Work concepts currently is the lateral leadership approach. This fits well into a broader context, given that the World Economic Forum announced in 2021 that we have entered a phase of stakeholder capitalism and that to solve global problems, we need to think systemically and lead laterally, we...
Harnessing AI Text Technology – ChatGPT in Test
It’s inevitable that when an unbelievable ‘disruptive’ technology breaks out of the tech developer scene and into mainstream press reporting, the hype is enormous. However, even those who follow the tech scene closely were perhaps surprised at the excitement generated by the latest release of the AI text generator ChatGPT.   We set out to...