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Change is the DNA of life. This is true for every individual, for companies and their ecosystems. The key challenge is to create value from change. We share our experiences and show what others are doing.
Why you can’t ignore complexity – even if your reptilian brain wants you to 
In our second Newsletter, we introduced the topic of complexity and how companies must resist the temptation to hide from it, or to fear it.   Complex business decisions involve multiple factors that interact dynamically in non-linear and sometimes ambiguous or contradictory ways. These include stakeholders from internal departments, on all levels, and...
Why does nothing seem like before?
The equilibrium of stability & growth For decades, companies have relied on a balance between stability and growth: As individuals and as company leaders, we cherished and worked towards a feeling of stability where we saw the grand picture, had a pretty good idea of what was coming in the next ten years, and...
Introducing The Metamorphosis Newsletter
Continuous metamorphosis as a survival strategy to rebalance the dynamic equilibrium of stability and growth. I’ve been fielding calls for months from business leaders seeking answers, reassurance, and guidance on any number of topics. From restructuring their company, deciding on a work-from-home policy, difficulties in recruiting qualified staff, or...
Back to the office
In the past six months, companies worldwide have started to grapple with the question of when to return to the office. The unpredictability of the pandemic makes this more difficult, as does the resistance from employees. Back in March, CNBC wrote about ‘giddy executives’ welcoming their employees back to the office, with Apple CEO...
Let’s take a recurring customer experience: someone orders something on the phone (telephone connection, fittings, a service,…) and thinks he has expressed himself clearly according to all the rules of the art. Then he receives something other than what he thinks he ordered. And calls again. The order that is read out to him...
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Why you can’t ignore complexity – even if your reptilian brain wants you to 
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